Janet – V2

Janet seemed to have her doubts about us at first, but there was something curious about this sexy skank. Something told us that she wouldn't have a problem making the director "happy". After getting her into something more comfortable I think she had a firm grasp of the term "happy ending". Welcome to the Porn industry juicy Janet Nasty!!! See full-length episode at shegotpimped.com.

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She Got Pimped

Devon Lee & Pressley Carter

Devon Lee & Pressley Carter Devon Lee & Pressley Carter
Devon Lee & Pressley Carter @ WatchingMyMomGoBlack.com
Time between a mother and daughter is extremely precious. Devon Lee is pouring her heart out to her daughter, Pressley Carter, about a marriage that’s on the rocks. Pressley hits back with a revelation about her love for black cock and mom isn’t too pleased. The apple of her mother’s eye boasts that she can "get any black man" she wants. Devon Lee and Pressley Carter soon find themselves back home and Jack Napier’s day is about to get interesting. Devon Lee sucks on that big, black cock as her daughter cheers her on. After all, Pressley, although younger, has experience with interracial sex and is happy to share it with her mother. Pressley also sucks on that black schlong and her mother’s spit makes it easier for that black meat to slide into her mouth. Devon Lee’s passed on the genes for great tits onto her daughter and both share in dining on that massive black cock. Things could have ended at ths point, but we now have two soaking wet white girls and something’s gotta be done about it. Devon Lee is first in line to get her pussy lips spread apart by Jack’s beef. Pressley knows she’s converted her mother to the dark side just by the screams coming from Devon Lee’s mouth. Devon hasn’t screamed this loud since Pressley was expelled from Sunday School, but that’s another story. Pressley Carter gives her dear mother a break and offers up her pussy for a black dick injection. Devon’s a milf in every sense of the word, and her daughter is a milf in training. Despite their early feuding, Devon Lee and pressley Carter make up when black jizz splashes on two generations of black cock sluts. We have a feeling that both ladies will be giggling at the dinner table while dad tries to find out why their house smells like sex……interracial sex.
Devon Lee & Pressley Carter Devon Lee & Pressley Carter
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Cute bubble butt Aspen had the perfect ass. Not too big but with that perfect upside down heart shape. See this week's sweet little skank do it all, and have a ball…or two. Don't waste any time! Join now and see all the action inside!!! See full-length episode at bubblebuttsgalore.com.

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Bubble Butts Galore

Jessica Sweet, Mandingo

Jessica is a cute blonde with some massively giant breasts. She shows them off to the camera as she takes her top off and squeezes her cannons. Then Jessica gets undressed to reveal her shaved cunt as she spreads her legs on the couch. A few minutes later, Jessica is given a massive ebony dickhead to suck. She takes him in her mouth and wraps her lips around his girth the best she can. Then she engulfs his dickhead with her large boobies for a few minutes before finally getting slipped the meat. He stretches open Jessica’s tight hole and then he’s ready to cover her face with his ejaculate so he shoots a jumbo wad on her mouth.

Lethal Interracial

Cherry – V2

Cruising the night around the rough streets of Compton, we came across the easily popped, black Cherry. Never having done any modeling this angry skank took the bait, hook line and sinker. This bitch might have been angry but she sucked an even meaner dick. There is a price for everything and this bitch was on sale!!! See full-length episode at shegotpimped.com.

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She Got Pimped

I Fucked A Loyal Member!

I Fucked A Loyal Member! I Fucked A Loyal Member!
I Fucked A Loyal Member! @ KatieThomas.com
I really hate trying to write these descriptions. But I have to. Anyway, here’s Wade. He’s tall, dark and handsome. Kinda like every other black guy I meet. How did I meet Wade? Well he emailed me. He loves me, and I love all my members. So me Wade met up and he’s very nice. So I ask him if he would want to be on my site. He was really nervous, but he said he would try. He did a really really good job. But I still did a better job. So guys, if you want to meet up and be a Katie Thomas porn star, just email me!! xxx – Katie
I Fucked A Loyal Member! I Fucked A Loyal Member!
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Georgia Peach

We found this little honey, "Georgia" trolling around the food court. Would you like a side of booty bangin' cute lady? Yes please! This chick is a no nonsense kind of skank, who doesn't like beating around the bush unless there's a big fat cock hiding in it. This blonde hussy takes it up the ass, and catches a face full of knob nectar!!! See full-length episode at herfirstanalsex.com.

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Her First Anal Sex

Joachim’s Thug Cock

Joachim Joachim
Joachim’s Thug Cock @ CandyMonroe.com
I’m a greedy bitch and I don’t trust other women around big black cocks.I want to make sure my black men come back to me so I take great care in what their needs are. Today I have a sissy white boy helping me out for Joachim’s arrival. My little cuckold loser is such a great helper.It’s too bad he isn’t packing what Joachim is and that’s why I can never get serious with white boys. Cuckold boy has no future in pleasing black cock sluts like myself but he’s a great helper and his makeup work ain’t too shabby. I had him there to watch Joachim fuck me into oblivion and his only job was to make sure my makeup wasn’t running too much from the sweat that was building up.
Joachim Joachim
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