Lena Cova

Well they say blondes have more fun and the anal action in this episode will leave your balls aching for more. Our blonde vixen has her man right where she wants him-shoving his man meat up her tight hole and leaving her screaming for a squirt of his ballsy batter See full-length episode at herfirstanalsex.com.

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Her First Anal Sex

Alana Evans And Miss Dallas

Alana Evans And Miss Dallas Alana Evans And Miss Dallas
Alana Evans And Miss Dallas @ WatchingMyMomGoBlack.com
Miss Dallas is the step-daughter of Alana Evans. Even though she’s an adult,Miss Dallas still has to deal with Alana’s constant nagging and complaining. Miss Dallas was supposed to be hitting the books hard in Comnmunity College. However, the blonde slut is now in bed with her first black guy. Things take an interesting turn when Alana walks in on her step-daughter with her mouth around a jock’s big, black dick. Alana, at first, is startled and almost calls Miss Dallas’ father to break the news. Miss Dallas and Isiah eventually wear Alana down to the point where curiosity gets the better of the MILF. Miss Dallas lures her step-mom to the darker side by sharing Isiah’s big black cock–with the same woman who’s banging her dad. We find both sluts at the power of big, black cock until they both take a test drive on Isiah’s black meat. We are also front row to the infidelity of both women–Alana cheating on her husband, and Miss Dallas cheating on some pussy named Jake. The only thing of importance now is that both vaginal walls are getting nearly demolished by a massive black cock. Alana’s initial refusal to take part in some taboo mayhem has disappeared faster than a black cock in her pussy. It looks as if the family that cheats together stays together.
Alana Evans And Miss Dallas Alana Evans And Miss Dallas
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Amber Rayne, Ace

This petite confederate is normally the type of whore that will try anything once, but she is completely taken aback by the color of Mr. White. While she doesn't fall for the whole White Power Agency routine right away, after she hears the story about how I became black (saving orphans from a burning bus), I soon have her eating of my white palms. Not only is she apologetic about being initially stand offish, but she is eager to gobble on my thick ebony snake. Watch as she takes it balls deep, nearly choking on it while her face gets roughly fucked. She then rides me reverse cowgirl, keeping her boots on the whole time. You know I had to smack that skinny white butt silly, though. I left that bitch beet red and raw on both ends before dropping a load into her racist mouth.

Brother Undercover

The Member

The Member The Member
The Member @ SpringThomas.com
What’s the best way to keep your members happy? Well, the *best* way I can think of is to fuck them! Hee hee…but only my black members. And only the ones with 8 inches or more. That’s what happens this week! Oh…by the way…Welcome to Spring World! ;-) So anyways…I’ve got this one member who probably sent me 1 million e-mails begging for my tight pink pussy. He bragged about his black dick, and what he could do with it, and how much jizz his fat balls produced…so, what’s a BCS to do except give him a try-out? And try me out did DID! Whoa…he’s almost as good as any porno dude I’ve done for my site! What a blast! Oh, and blast he did…all over my face! He sure was right about those big black balls of his. I mean he musta dumped a gallon of spunk all over me! Whew! So, lemme know what you guys think, OK? Oh, and if you think you have what it takes to join me for some fun, e-mail away! Hee hee…XOXO – Spring
The Member The Member
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Franchezca Valentina

Enter Francesca Valentina. A true Latina above any pseudo-slut, Francesca's family hails from the Old World capital of Rome. To look at her ass is to look into the brown eyed fantasies of the big booty lovers of the ancient world. A true piece of historical ass! See full-length episode at bubblebuttsgalore.com.

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Bubble Butts Galore

Jessie J., Emerald, Adam Wood

This husband and wife couple are furious when they come home only to find that their babysitter is neglecting her duties, instead lying on the matrimonial bed and masturbating her filthy gash! The wife screams at her, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her down the hall. The husband unzips his pants and stuffs his cock into the young slut’s mouth, while wifey belts on her favorite strapon dildo and starts fucking the whore from behind. The married couple fuck the little tart in both holes, culminating in a hardcore cock-and-strapon double penetration that leaves the teenie trollop gasping and begging for forgiveness – and an orgasm!

Banged Babysitters

Roxy Taggart

Roxy isn't sure what she wants to do with all the old junk the guys stacked in the hallway, but she does know what she wants to do with their cocks – take them deep in each of her holes! It's a sticky situation that cums to an even stickier conclusion…. See full-length episode at herfirstanalsex.com.

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Her First Anal Sex