Sheila Marie

This Brazilian beauty with a bodacious behind stopped by our studio to show off her assets. She wasted no time and went right for the cock, watch as we give her a taste of what America has to offer. See full-length episode at

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My First Interacial Creampie

My First Interacial Creampie My First Interacial Creampie
My First Interacial Creampie @
Welcome to MY WORLD. I’m Barb Cummings. You guys out there know me from CNN and every other news channel in the world for <b> allegedly sucking off a Tennessee cop’s cock</b> after he pulled me over. What CNN doesn’t mention is that I normally only have sex with black men because <b>I am trying to get pregnant with a black baby ON FILM</b>. This scene is MY VERY FIRST TRY! As you already know, <b>EVERY cumshot I’ve ever taken from a black man is an internal creampie</b>. I NEVER waste the seed of a black man. In my inaugural scene here on you’ll watch my pussy get filled by none other than the giant cocks of Mr. Dick James and Justin. These two black studs shoot more cum in my pussy in this one scene than every white man I’ve been with in my life put together! Unfortunately, I must have not timed it right and <b>was not ovulating</b> the day these 2 fertile black studs emptied their ballsack’s inside of me as you’ll see by <b>my negative pregnancy test</b> I take 15 days later. BOO HOO for me! Fortunately FOR YOU <b>I’ve included footage of the pregnancy test</b> at the end of the video for your viewing pleasure. Oh well, this gives me an excuse for more big black men to come over and cum in my pussy! Yeaaah! XOXOXOXO
My First Interacial Creampie My First Interacial Creampie

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Emma Cummings, Talon

Hot brunette Emma Cummings sure is a real cutie – a gorgeous face and a perfect, curvy body with big tits to match! Lucky for us, she’s not just a pretty face – she’s a ejaculate loving fuck girl to boot! She gives her stud Talon a good cocksucking, then she begs for some pecker. You can really see the desperation in her face as she waits for him to stick it in. He fucks her in multiple positions on the couch, really banging her from every angle and filling her up with his dong. He keeps on slapping her backside and by the end of the movie her rump is really red and sore. He unloads right in her mouth, filling it up so cream spills down her cheeks.

Big League Squirters

Beer & Pussy – V2

Crazy from the heat, pretty little Bianca hitched a ride with two tall strangers for some brews and fun! This little slut knew what was up when her horse donged escorts dropped trow and deep dicked her tight little ass! Watch Bianca expand her "horizons" in this episode! See full-length episode at

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Her First Anal Sex

Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova Gabriella Paltrova
Gabriella Paltrova @
Black meat on my little white feet is enough to get my pussy gushing. I’m sorry if you white guys can’t measure up, but, after all, you got the curse of a small cock and my feet need something big and meaty to rub up against. I had Rico Strong come over and play with my feet right before I felt his big blacks balls on my arches and toes. Does it make you jealous that his amazing black cock gets fucked by my feet as his continual worship gets me wetter and wetter? i bet it does. Baby, don’t cry when Rico gets a great view of my ass while he stands behind me and fucks both sides of my feet like a white pussy. There’s nothing you can do but watch as black foot cream pours all over my feet until there’s nothing left in his balls. If you’re a good boy you can come over and lick them all clean. If!
Gabriella Paltrova Gabriella Paltrova
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Visiting from Baltimore, we're lucky to have caught a glimpse of Drunna's huge ass. The kind that left us clambering for more. She's definitely got a cushion for the pushin', and we've got an achin' for some ass shakin'. Cum watch as we give this mature beauty multiple slaps to that big Ol' booty! See full-length episode at

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Alexis Diamonds

Alexis Diamonds Alexis Diamonds
Alexis Diamonds @
I didn’t spend all those years earning my degree in Psychology just to hear people bitch and moan about their issues. Day after day my couch is occupied by someone complaining about something or another. I have this new patient, Derek Skeeter, and he’s come to me because he’s a hopeless romantic. Derek claims that girls just want him for the massive appendage that takes up room in his pants, and, of course, curiosity got the best of me. I figured that since my husband has been neglecting me that I could kill two birds with one stone: teach my husband a lesson while fulfilling my love for big black cock. I laid out some heavy duty flirting on Derek and it was soon both of us on my couch. I had to see what the girl’s were talking about, and I reached in and grabbed his monstrous black cock. I knew I could lose my job the very second my lips tasted Derek’s meaty flesh against my crimson lips. i sucked down on as much of that black cock as my gullet could handle until my wet pussy needed its fun. i had to work him in slowly, since, well, my husband’s white dick is a fraction of hat Derek’s packing. I finally got as much of that young black cock firmly inside my hot cougar pussy. Derek kept slamming his black meat in between my aching pussy lips until I had to feel it between my sweet cheeks. I didn’t have to beg for Derek to slide his black anaconda inside my puckering asshole until his balls massaged my wet clit. I kept squeezing his huge black cock with my tight ass and he held nothing back as he sprayed my face with this homemade nutmeg.
Alexis Diamonds Alexis Diamonds
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Silvie Deluxe, Libor

Silvie Deluxe just walked outta my dream, that much I’m sure! Try keeping your eyes off this knockout! I love her skinny, long legs and I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on her awesome titties! It’s amazing and also a treat when a woman this hot has a sexy furry coochie! Damn, don’t you wanna put your mouth on it and taste its playful coochie nectar? You’ll have to settle for when Libor exploites her hot fucking body and jizzes all over her hot furry vag!

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Kora, Will Ravage

Heavily pregnant brunette Kora is having a painful day of pregnancy, so she fixes herself a glass of water and then goes outside to lie in the jacuzzi. Her next door neighbor, older, gray haired dude Will Ravage, watches curiously as she disrobes and lowers her delicious, curvaceous body down into the pool. He surprises her by jumping over the fence and presenting her with his stiff penis; whilst some beauties would consider this to be freakish stalker behavior, it merely arouses this hormonally crazed pregnant slut and she immediately starts to suck! Will also gets a taste of her pregnant vag before he sticks his penis inside it.

Pregnant Sistas